WOW-Engine [EN]

WOW-Engine is a free AS3 open source physics engine written by Seraf ( Jérôme Birembaut ) capable to handle positions in a 3D environment.

WOW-Engine use Sandy library for all the 3D mathematical computations (matrix, 3D vector, plane). The inner architecture of the engine is also inspired by Sandy’s one.

Collisions and physical reactions are possible thanks to the AS3 physic engine made by Alec Cove, named APE(version 0.2.).. Even if APE is a 2D physic engine, it is possible to extend the contraints on volumes, and that’s the purpose of WOW-engine. WOW-engine extends APE, and allows to simulate physics on 3D volumes.

WOW-Engine is capable to handle positions and rotations of abstract objects, which need to be linked to some visual objects (2D or 3D). The visual objects can be drawn thanks to another library (Sandy3D , Papervision3D, Away3D for 3D).

WOW-Engine use and depend of the Data Structures classes written by polygonal labs.

The engine, still in development, consider to manage the following feature in the near future:

- edges
- quad face surface delimitation.
- Sphere real rotations.
- Forces evenments (based on explosion etc.)

Currently, the engine is capable to manage :

- spheres
- infinity planes
- boundArea ( bounding volume based on a box )
- advanced contraints ( with or without mass )
- verlet box

-collisions events

You can use several instances of the engine for a single scene, permitting to compute in the different intances espectively a falling leaf, and a character cloth simulation.

Basic technical Demos :

Advanced technical Demos:

Discussions Board:





WOW-Engine ver1 Classes
IMPORTANT!!! wow-engine ver1 need AS3 Data Structures For Game Developers for run


*SVN* for the ver2 alpha, check the following svn

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