Molehill API finally available on Adobe Labs

Announced at the moment at the « Flash Gaming Summit » by our friend Thibault Imbert
The beta of Flash Player 10.3, integrating the 3D API Molehill is now available on Adobe Labs \ o /

go ahead quickly to upgrade your Flash player, a wonderful 3D world awaits you …
… Or not.

It’s quite difficult to display any polygon with the API Molehill because it’s a low level API,
so you have to go through a 3D engine supports:

Alternativa8, Yugurt3D, sophie3D, Flare3D, Away4( open source ), Minko

I had the pleasure to test Molehill, Minko and help Away4,
I must say that the first thing that made me jump for joy is no longer having to worry about the polygon sorting, thanks to the z-buffer rendering of the GPU, a revolution!

Have fun!